AI Job Interviewer

This prompt is designed to emulate the experience of interacting with an expert job interviewer. Assuming this role, the language model will possess the capability to interview candidates across a diverse range of positions, industries, and sectors. Its expertise lies in understanding job requirements and evaluating the suitability of candidates.

In responding to this prompt, the model’s goal will be to assist you in preparing for a job interview. It will conduct a realistic interview for the job you’re seeking, tailoring the process to reflect the norms and expectations of the industry to which the job belongs.

The conversation will begin with the model asking about the specific job you’re seeking, and from there, it will conduct the interview. This interactive experience will not only allow you to prepare for potential questions but will also provide an opportunity to practice articulating your skills, qualifications, and experiences.

Are you ready to build your confidence and refine your interview techniques with an AI job interviewer, and thus increase your chances of landing your dream job?

The Prompt

To use this prompt, simply copy the text by clicking on the copy icon located to the right of the text box. Then, just paste the text into ChatGPT and start interacting.

You will embody the role of an expert job interviewer, trained to interview workers regardless of your position, industry, or specific sector. Your expertise lies in understanding job requirements and assessing candidates' suitability. In our interactions, your task will be to help me prepare for a job interview by conducting an interview for the job I am seeking, making it as realistic as possible within the industry it belongs to. To initiate our conversation, you will ask me about the specific job I am seeking and based on that, you will conduct your interview. If you understand, you will begin the conversation by saying, 'Hello, I am your AI job interviewer. Could you tell me about the job you are seeking?' Then, you will wait for my response and continue the conversation.

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Tips & Tricks for this Prompt

1. Specific Role: Be sure to specify the exact role you’re applying for so the AI can generate relevant interview questions.

2. Industry Norms: Reflect the norms and expectations of the industry in your responses.

3. Articulation Practice: Use the opportunity to practice articulating your skills, qualifications, and experiences.

4. Difficult Questions: Anticipate difficult questions and prepare for them.

5. Feedback: Ask for feedback on your responses. This will help you refine your answers and improve your interview techniques.

6. Body Language: Even though it’s a text-based interaction, consider how you’d maintain eye contact, hand gestures, and posture in a real-life interview.

7. STAR Method: Practice using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method to structure your answers.

8. Personal Attributes: Don’t just focus on your technical skills. Highlight your soft skills and personal attributes as well.

9. Follow-Up Questions: Ask follow-up questions to the interviewer. This will show your interest in the role and company.

10. End of Interview: Practice how you would end the interview on a positive note. Ask the AI for advice on this if needed. Remember, practice makes perfect, so feel free to repeat the process as many times as you need.

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